A.VIV Hand Wash Packaging

Mint is usually a controversial flavor for ice cream, and most of us agree. However, we all brush our teeth with a minted taste of toothpaste. Perhaps that’s what makes it so infamous for desert. Today, we’re transporting to each of our own particular, calm places. Brand A.VIV is inviting us with their new hand wash to a minty mist forest. The creative minds behind this fresh design came from K 9 Design studio.

For A.VIV new fragrance, the brand aimed to provide their liquid soap with the essential oil for a long-lasting effect on our hands. So, with this in mind, K 9 creatives wanted to maintain mint’s original and natural color. And that’s a point where we all agree and love mint; for its tone. A little reminder, a couple of years ago, it was one of the trendiest colors for interior design. 

Comfort and simplicity were the concepts where designers worked around. With a minimal approach, K 9 studio came up with a spotless, balanced composition for A.VIV’s packaging. Within the printing process, hot stamping was part of it as it complements the whole packaging experience. The result was varied landscapes postcards to pursue these spiritual pictures. 

Additional credits
Production: K9 Design
Art Director: Kevin Lin
Designer: Yu Min Lin
Photographer: Férguson Lin


Credits: K 9 Design

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