Today, we’re showcasing an experimental series design in 3D made by Ariel Lu, a Berlin-based 3D artist and a sociology nerd fascinated with nature and colors. Unconsciously, we constantly create shapes, mostly with our clothes pile or bed sheets after profound sleeping time. Well, this is what Ariel’s Symbiosis series reminded us. 

Did you ever watch at your chair, more well-known for holding untidily semi-used clothes in your room, and asked yourself if this should become the centerpiece of an exhibition? Ariel’s series of shapes and textures came out of curiosity. It seems as if he tried to replicate the towel’s textures. Do you remember as a kid using them to clean the paint and afterward witnessing that extra illusion effect from the towel and paint color? It’s something similar to that with a moisty, jelly side too. All the wrinkled shapes he came up with seem to come alive as characters from a unique universe. Can you figure out their features yet? 

All in all, we are enthusiastic about experimental projects like Symbiosis, as we can witness all the digital potential and how far creativity goes. This series is Ariel’s latest ongoing personal project, and we’re looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next! 


Credits: Ariel Lu

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