Co Schedule Review

For a long time we have spend too much time on preparing and organizing our social media posts. We finally found a great tool, called Coschedule that helps us immensely to plan and schedule our posts ahead and also in one place. Before we had used other applications but they always lacked something and especially never integrated into Wordpress which is the biggest plus with Coschedule we believe. Now with the new Mindsparkle Mag redesign and update that we have just launched 2 months ago, we have also improved our work flow and now we can prepare a post in Wordpress and handle our social marketing on the same page.

It helps us to safe tons of time preparing almost all social media posts. This means Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. Only Instagram is missing but that is because of Instagram's API and we really hope that it will be added soon to CoSchedule. It is amazing how efficient and helpful it is for our team.

Another plus is that within wordpress we have a calendar built in by CoSchedule where we see all our social media posts at one glance and can manage them here. We do use it for project and team management as well by managing tasks and assign them to each team member. Last but not least we also use Evernote to gather content for our upcoming posts that we can easily add and assign within our CoSchedule calendar.

So, for anyone who already uses Wordpress for blogging we can certainly recommend this tool. But even if you are not using Wordpress you can use Coschedule and log into their website and manage everything from there on. The interface is really easy to understand and well layouted as well. Simple and effective. We are pretty sure that the app also connects to other services as well so feel free to visit their website and find out more.

We have tested and used a bunch of similar products but CoSchedule is by far the best one we have used and so we keep using every day. Their support team is also worth a mention as they react really fast to tickets and are always open to new suggestions and improvements. The pricing is billed monthly and if you subscribe for a year it starts at 15$ a month and starts to add on once you will use it more professionally and add a larger team.


Credits: CoSchedule

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